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This is a game adaptation of the short story Wanau, which is set in the fantasy world of Elohan, and follows the Elore (wood elf) Voltan in his journey to become a god.

The player will have the choice to slay enemies, or perhaps try other techniques to pacify them. The decision to slaughter will result in loss of innocence, which is in a sense, similar to alignment in DND editions.

Planned are 3 levels, with multiple rooms stitched together to make a unique game play experience. There are 4 planned endings for the game, based on decisions made by the player, completely without dialogue choices. Where innocence will have a direct role and impact in game play experience, creating something memorable, and offering a replay ability factor we hope players will enjoy.

For instance, your innocence rating will be determining factor for facing bosses. While the deaths of NPCs will be permanent, the player can atone for their guilt at Asharons by facing the spirits of those they slew.

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